CHCH detectorists 6 or 7 years ago

Just curious as to whether any of the guys who used to meet up for a chat at the Papanui club are still involved hunting locally? I know Chris the Canadian moved away, but I recall another Chris, a couple of Andrews, Jason the car salesman, Steve and Mike from Rangiora, and ‘Oroplata’ (forum name, his real name escapes me). There were more I know. Any of you still out there doing it locally?

Hi expat I’m not from 6/7 years ago but I get out and detect every week in Christchurch. Went to bottle lake forest yesterday nothing but old shotgun and .22 casings and one 65 florin.

Pleased to make your acquaintance Cosmo. Where in the city are you from?

I live in parklands. Done most of my hunting on the east side of town.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi,ran in to chris the canadian ,detecting a park near hornby .a couple of years ago now.seemed to be getting lots of coins etc

Yeah he was always very committed to the hobby and kept himself busy hunting. I think he went down South somewhere.

Hey there Expat, think most of the guys you mentioned use a forum on Facebook, not sure what it’s called sorry.

Thank you Soilsurfer, yes I have found a fb group primarily for kiwi detectorists and have located one old name on it so far’ It makes sense that the others may be as well I guess. I always found these forum groups a bit cosier myself.