Chatto Creek Gold Dredge Ophir

Hey guys came across this today on Youtube. Very interesting video of the Chatto Creek gold dredge on the Manuherikia river near Ophir. Goes into the history and gold returns


that was a good find prich. very interesting bit of history

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Bloody marvellous - I enjoyed watching that. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.


Good stuff prich, havnt noticed the dredge at pub is it still there ?

Yeah I think some of it is still there like the buckets. Just ask at the pub. The Otago gold fields trust has the rest.

There will be bits still on your patch of ground that they haven’t found. Could be worth more than the gold!

Yep…this is what is still there.

Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks John. There was talk of them actually trying to restore the dredge again as its still in such good condition and set it up near the pub. I hope they do as it would be a pity for it to just rust away.

I found this as well. Amazing the work the old timers did to bring water to the claims in this area

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Far out I thought I saw a big white duck and its still duck shooting season. Love the video but it makes me sort of homesick for the country I love!

Reminded me of the water race that was going to be constructed from Shag Valley to Fullartons I think it was. Distance of 30 miles. Apparently it couldnt cross a final saddle so it was reported that the engineer in charge shot himself!