Changing your username after accepting an email invite

When you accept an email invite you are automatically given a username. Unfortunately it’s not the best username for most people. No problem, it’s quick and easy to change. Don’t dally though as you have 3 days to change it yourself.

To change your username…

  1. Click your avatar icon, top right, then your username or the gear icon.

  2. Click preferences.

  3. Change your username to something you like.

If you miss the 3 days grace period, no worries, send me a message and I’ll do it for you.

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Hi again.

Tried to change my user name to Metal Kiwi but it wont accept it.
Any idea to fix?


Hi Chris, there’s a little bit of help text that appears when you edit your username “must only include numbers, letters and underscores”. So no spaces allowed I’m afraid. You can use MetalKiwi if you like.

I think spaces are disallowed as it makes it awkward for the forum to pick you up in @detectnz mentions.

Yeah saw the help text message.
I have changed it to one word. Pity though as the old site was ok with two words
just as if it was your real name. Had a look at the members list and there are quite a few with double word user names so be interesting to see any reaction.

Yes agreed, but there may be ways around it to a degree ie


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Hi Gavin, could I please get you to change my username to Gold_Standard? Much appreciated. Cheers Sach

No problem, done! :slight_smile:

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