Change of lifestyle? Camp + Claim for sale

If someone is ready for a change, opportunity at danseys pass
We have got the Danseys Pass Holiday Park on the market and have listed the Claim on trademe also.
Mining permit 55179
Details on the listing

Our Family is ready for some new adventures. Love this place, Amazing place to live but our time to move on.


How much you asking for just your 5" proline?

7k mark, will not be considering selling dredge unless claim sells

5k if its sells as package with claim

Hi Nugget8hunter, I am not buying your camp, but was very happy staying there in January, and could not believe the numbers of people you had staying there.
Also appreciated being allowed to pan in the river for gold, very kind.

All the best with the sale!
Cheers, Ben.


Thanks Ben, Great to hear you enjoyed your stay. Truly is a magical Spot!!


As someone who has dredged this river from the previous claim owner before Jo bought it I can say it is a fantastic claim and that proline 5 was a great dredge to operate.

Some great gold and bedrock to be had.

All the best on your next venture Jo

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Cheers Prich, Not sure what the next venture will be yet but that’s the exciting part.

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