Central otago report 1819

Cripes, $2,500 for the report…you can read it online for free!


Hi mangrove, Its an origonal. Quite cool to own as very old.

I get that…and probably not a bad investment. its a lot of dough thou.

It has been a really good investment for me, think about how much it could be worth on its 150th birthday haha. Been reflecting on the price and will take offers within reason.
Kind regards H

I’ve got x 2 copies of the above report Tuepeka in original condition plus the same reports for the Naseby, Cromwell, Waikatipu and Alexandra subdivisions all x 2 copies. I’ve also got x 3 copies of “older auriferous drifts of central Otago” also in original condition but with some damage to the front cover. This was given to me by a Alan Dunford just before he passed away and contains notes written by Alan about certain locations ( some of you may have known Alan).

I obtained these from the University of Otago Science library as they were throwing out a whole lot of books a couple of years ago and I decided to rescue them from the bin. The condition of these books is excellent and includes all pull out maps and diagrams.

I plan on keeping x 1 copy for myself including Alans copy and selling the others. Good luck getting $2300 for it. Anyone interested PM me im selling them for $150 each. Auriferous drifts of Otago im prepared to sell for $100 each.

Alternatively you can obtain scanned copies of each of these books on the GNS website. They are approx $20 each in PDF and TIF file format.


any of these still available? I pm’d you but no responce so maybe I got that all a little mixed up

An honourable person offering superb books/reports at their true value prices - I thoroughly recommend these books as they have a mine of information (Is that a pun?) and offered at a fair market value price. Any others that pritch385 cannot supply will be available at book auctions and antiquarian books shops - for anyone who wants them keep an eye on Amazon Books, Abe books and Biblio.com - they come up now and again.

Sorry man all have been snapped up except for one of the copies of the Naseby Subdivision Survey which im waiting to hear back from another person if there still keen.

Lammerlaw is right they do come up every now and then at book auctions and odd and end antique book shops. Another place to check out is the university bookshop in Dunedin they have in the past had rebound and updated copies that contain the original survey plus more modern information added.

Currently for Sale - First Edition I believe. Modern reprints are selling for as low as $7.90 US and Hardcover $10.33 US

This copy 1918 is $86.00 US

I note this listing has now been removed by Trademe. The seller of the above Tuepeka Survey report had created a fake Trademe profile and bid on his own auction to make it look as though there was interest and therefore inflate his own price . Looks like Trademe cottoned on and removed the auction.
Buyer Beware

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It was removed as there were too many people complaining and reporting it to trade me. The UNKNOWN bidder I believed had good intentions but being relatively new to trade me and only 16 trade me removed the bidder. Therefore I emailed trade me and the listing was removed. The amount of criticism that has come especially from this form is absolutely disgusting.
If you want to get a $20 - $80 dollar report go for your life it has good information but it is never going to still be as valuble as a meseum quality document.

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I somehow get the idea that the vendor is STILL pursuing his argument - to quote " it is never going to still be as valuable as a museum quality document." Dont you get it Harry that your museum quality document is actually valued at around $125 BECAUSE it is a FIRST EDITION and highly collectible BUT IT IS WORTH NO MORE THAN THAT! To claim or infer it is after being enlightened as to true value is unethical and dishonest - May I ask you if you are unethical and dishonest? NOTA BENE - I have merely ASKED if you are unethical and dishonest - I have NOT said you are.

I noted below that the vendor also made the uncalled for comment to the girl “Havent you got anything better to do” Oh dear!

This is a transcript from the Gold mining forum which I shall cut and paste here before it is removed from there.

Member questioning vendor - Since you have removed the other post of yours that shows you creating a fake TM profile to bid on your own auction the question I have for you is are you going to do the same for this
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VENDOR - Are you kidding me-I never bidded on my own auction. I got it removed as there where to many complaints and people kept reporting the listing. That is why it was removed. Have you got anything else better to do?
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member questioning vendor - A couple of things

  1. The bidder on your auction was located in the same city as you, joined TM at the same time as the auction started and had no sales history whatsoever. He had also asked a question on the auction which self-promoted the item after you were getting a lot of heat as to the legitimacy and price of the item you were selling. This resulted in the bidder putting a bid on the item on Thursday the 9th of June at 11am.
  2. I reported the listing to TM based on the above facts. This resulted in TM pulling the auction within 5mins of raising this issue.
  3. You sir said that you had reported the listing to TM. Why would you report a bidder on your own auction if you are innocent as claimed? Why would you wait almost 48 hours to raise this with TM? The truth is after I started raising this as an issue is when you started ducking for cover and saying you reported it to TM. I called you out on this. I also know after talking to TM they did not receive a request from you asking for the bid to be removed.
  4. Why did you remove the post from the NZ goldmining group which documented the above facts last night? Seems to me as though you have something to hide.
  5. I put it to you – How can we trust you as an individual based on the above facts?

Shit I edited this seven times - Oops eleven times - spelling errors - AND I decided not to be as scathing as I would like to be in the hope that Harry has learnt a valuable lesson in treating others and to treat them as he would want to be treated! Obviously I have not got anything better to do!

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Harry just in case you think of relisting someones bet ya to it:

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Ok, I’m closing this topic early just to make sure it doesn’t get argumentative like the last one. Let’s move on and play nice.

I’ve left it up though as other people are selling the same report, so it may be useful to someone looking to purchase such a report.

If anyone believes it should be pulled completely be sure to flag the original post or any follow-up posts you find objectionable. In theory this forum should automatically hide the post(s) if enough people flag it.

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