Central Otago, old man range

Hi all.
Just wondering what the panning would be like up around the old man range. Willing to check some spots if you know of any. We have walked around conroys dam and up a lot but never panned. School holidays are upon us and the kids need to get out. No dredge And based in Alexandra

Gday, so much interesting history up there! The old boys have been into every creek, and crack, you’ll see walled up creeks and random test holes, old hut sites, chimneys… Let the imagination go nut’s!
However I’m unsure how much is under claim, (a fair bit I think)
Enjoy, but be aware a big front is coming pretty much tonight onwards!

been up there in winter a long time ago lots of snow and very exposed. what a great place it was to walk round

Its no place for man or beast in the winter …maybe a Tahr would be happy that’s about it , iv spent a bit of time up there the wind is amazing even when prepared in the spring or summer it cuts rite through you & will blow the doors off a vehicle if opened at the wrong moment ,FYI its almost entirely doc land , river is claimed , pioneer is up there constantly atm building the intake & generator .