Central otago area

hi im travelling down to central otago this weekend i was wondering if anyone had an claim in the area i could dredge on happy to pay or work an deal out etc.

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Hi there is a claim at Waikaia on the winding creek behind the village, the claim owner allows people to play in there with pans ect; the owner of the store at Waikaia is his friend and you could talk to him about access ect, I panned there and got colour, Im not sure but i think he is ok with a 2 inch dredge only, ask the store owner if you get down that far, good luck wish i was coming down as well but there you go. have fun


Hi we were there a few weeks ago and the lady at the store told us a pan is the way to go, given its the guys generosity you are allowed on there it seemed fair. It was a bit tricky to find but about 2km past Switzers and over the bridge on your left there is a gate. Suggest parking on road as seemed pretty damp where you were supposed to park.Good luck, its a stunning place all the same.

Waikaia is so much unfriendly it’s like the don’t like outsiders. People at the shop are okay lovely couple but the rest are, worse the pub you talk about dredging there you creating trouble for ya self

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That’s good to hear the locals are doing a fine job , if everyone was friendly & welcoming there,d be “outsiders” everywhere :confounded:

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