Catto's Whiskey item Needs Function ID

I’ve searched online for catto’s whiskey merchandise with no luck. It would be nice to think it’s old but I’ve no idea. Looks like a tie pin to me. Seems the hidden spring corroded but the rest hasn’t, it doesn’t read silver like my 1912 British sixpence, any advances on that info are appreciated. I’ve no idea how this relates to pricey whiskey.


Has that tieclip look to it, but like you, nothing leaping out of websearches, other than making me thirsty.

Did someone say whiskey… heard silver too.



Whisky - far out - me me me - actually I have three bottles of whisky here, three of gin and two of Tequila and I am not allowed to f****** well drink due to a bad stomach ulcer!

It is not a paper clip is it to hang somewhere to hang reminders on or something…looks cool.

If I date this by logo matching, this is the logo from the old glass flagons of whiskey days.
I wondered if it was whiskey indulgence related and to do with hats or tobacco.
Or maybe the best idea on how to use it should have it?
I say dart head.