Casual Prospecting Licenses

I’m new to this, although my grandfather owned a gold mine inherited from his father who left Scotland for the gold rush in the West coast of the South Island.

I understand there are public prospecting areas in the South Island. but none in the North Island. Why is that?

I would like to prospect for gold on the Te Mata river in the Coromandel. Nothing serious.

From what I can see that is illegal, without a prospecting license. Don’t know if that means you need to own the land, or get permission, or whether that is part of the prospecting license process. TOWA (resources) would come into play as well.

All around very expensive and complicated.

I’ve probably missed a lot. Can someone fill me in. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunetly the system for prospecters right now is pretty harsh, youc an either go to the public sites or if you want a prospecting claim for hand held methods you will to apply a permit which will cost around $3500 + yearly fees of around 500, and its a very complex process to go through and if you want to make it any easier and more likely to be accepted you then need to pay additonal to get a surverour etc, really if you where just going for a bit of a pan or scratch around you likely wont get in any trouble as long as you arent causing any damage . If you want more info on claims visit they give a quick laydown on the permitiing system.