Cashless Economy

We might only be pulling up jewelery in the future.
Though cash will never die. People will find another physical medium for quick person to person transactions (especially the underworld, and rebels of society).
A likely candidate would be gold, you can get 0.5g amounts sealed, not much larger than a credit card.
So I predict a rise in the gold price :smiley:
(silver would also rise).

There has been a rise in the use of cash alternatives in EU countries that suffered from the Euro debt crisis (Spain & Greece in particular). Some returning to the currency used before euro adoption - might be good to have people carrying around nz predecimal silvers.

Can anyone think of other cash/gold replacements?

Can’t think of anything modern but instantly think of spices and salt from early history.

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my body…
don’t think I would get much . could get into the slave trade

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Cigarettes and tobacco are commonly used.
Bitcoin is another alternative i think.
Micro USB phone charging cables would be a form of payment i would accept, i always seem to need a couple more.
But any based coinage will prove rather useful. Silver has been the traditional material, 1 gram silver coins would probably work.


Yep cigarettes are already in use, I guess beer and moonshine would also be the go :champagne:
Along with a tinny :rofl:

In the USA some people use bottles of washing liquid (Tide), equivalent of about $20.
Instead of eating Tidepods, they could probably become the equivalent of $1

You could go as far as pain killers and antibiotics too if scarce. Just a thought.:thinking:

When working in overseas in some pretty rough places these were what were sought after as trade items
-Antibiotics/antimalarial medicine (Doxycycline)
-Tobacco (taylors) for locals or quality cigars for premium trades
-Petrol/desiel traded by the coke bottle full.
-Clothing (anything branded)
-Empty waterbottles(seroiusly valued)
-micro SD cards (for cellphones)
-good kitchen/boning/skinning knives
-good metal files
And of course every Raskal wanted 7.62, 5.56 and 12g Ammo.(no chance buddy)


Metal files, high value?

I was going to say wife trading might be fare, but thought all you guys and gurls would shoot me down straight away.

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I wont just ask for your number

depends how much leather i can get from your hide

all our alt trading money would have to be bought with…visa lol

Metal files were desirable for sharpening machetes, shaping wood axe handles, stuff like that.
I have a axe handle that was shaped with a machete and sanded using a bit of a broken beer bottle. Guy was stoked with the file i gave him for it.

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Did GoldenEel say wife trading - what a wonderful idea but different wives would have different values so I volunteer as quality control testing officer to give valuations prior to exchange. A written certificate will be issued to indicate ratings in all respects including durability and performance.

I was once offered 500 camels for my wife…however I worked out it would cost to much to ship them back to NZ so I pasted it up…lol

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