Canvastown / Golden Bay

I am new to the Nelson area and have read on here that Canvastown would be a good starting location to do some panning and detecting. Is there any particular spot I am allowed to go there? or would I have to use the camp ground area at Pinedale camp site only?

I will be keen to also head out to Golden Bay area at a later date.

I have done all my gold detecting in Central Victoria, so the areas here are all new to me.

Keen to get some shiny stuff!

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thats our claim at Pinedale camp site and ther no detecting and you can only go on the first beach

Ok. Thanks.
Will be taking my 6 year old so that will be fine.

wen ar you looking at going

thought I might head there tomorrow

o cool we be up ther

Not sure how long by young fella will keep interest. Hopefully find a few specs to keep him there a while.
What time will you be around?

Great meting with you today. Took home a tiny spec much to my boys delight.
Thanks again for allowing us novices onto your claim. Much appreciated!

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all good eney time its i nice place ther

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