Can the page have a bit more ooomph?

The new format seems pretty good and not too hard to use with a little practice. However I think the presentation of the main page would benefit from a bit of a lift. At present that page is just lots of print on a white background with little definition between sections. No images at all. Tends to make your eye flit all over the place. Is it just me? What do others think? Probably sticking my neck out a bit but just saying.



Any feedback is a good thing I recon…cheers.
Maybe a wee pic of some old dude hunched over in a creek panning for gold.
Another wee pic of someone swinging a coil, not sure about the off topic and other areas but a coloured pic of something relevant?

As you get into a topic it’s quite colourful due to each members profile pic showing up which looks good.

Unfortunately I don’t have any options for nice images etc. at this time. Maybe in a future version.

The only options for the landing page are any of these pages:

I went with “Categories” as in the past some gold fever sufferers got a little annoyed at all the detecting finds being in the new posts section at the bottom. I figured the Categories page gives each equal weighting to show the newest 5 topis.

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Categories is fine Gavin.
I guess I am just comparing this new version with what else is out there that it will have to compete with. Images drag in the punters. Keen to see Paydirt as the “go to” forum. :slight_smile:


@gabin Can you change the background colour or put up a background image?

Yes that would be terrific, it won’t happen overnight but fingers crossed it will happen :blush:

I think it’ll probably make the text a bit harder to read. Maybe you can mock-up a rough screen so I can see what you’re thinking? Might be possible, but will require a lot of playing around I imagine. I might take a wee break first before trying an ideas you have :wink:

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oops :flushed: Gabin I blame my keyboard for that error.
Thanks no rush.
All the work you do behind the scenes is much appreciated.

All good mate, gives me satisfaction seeing the site in use :slight_smile: