Can someone please help me find a buried manhole cover


I’ve buried a manhole cover under my lawn, and now I need to find it. I know roughly where it is, and it’s only about 500mm down, but I could spend hours digging to find it.

Anyone want to make some easy money finding it for me?

I live near Eden Park in Auckland.


Hi have you tried using a spike to probe for it as it may be easy to find it at that depth pretty quickly

Have a yarn with your local surveyors, most are happy to loan, or hire at a pittance, their detector wands. These only work on iron, but have good depth.

Alternatively, a day hire of a metal detector can be had from a hire centre for around $50. Easy to use.

Manhole cover will be a cinch

This is the sort of problem for which metal detectors were invented. I would volunteer my services but i am geographically challenged by living in Christchurch.