Can I just metal Detect on any Public Land?


I have been Prospecting for gold for a couple of years now , and have recently got my hands on a metal detector , but with the current events I have not been able to go gold prospecting so I have taken an interest into relic hunting with my detector after finding a few old relics in my backyard . I was thinking about going down to my local park and detecting there but the thing is i am not sure that is aloud . I have Seen other Coil Swingers , detecting in major parks near me , but I just thought I would clear it all up . I think it may be aloud as long as I don’t cause any damage . But do I need a permit or anything as with gold mining or can you just go detecting on any public land.

Also I was thinking of getting my hands on a pinpointer it seems to be a good piece of equipment to make detecting easier , do you guys think they are worth the investment or are they just a waste of money and not worth the time they save ?

And what Setting would be Optimal on the Gold Monster 1000 for Finding old Relics Such as Coins I was thinking I could just use Full to get maximum depth but there is a lot of random dings and it sometimes gives false signals and I would pick up a lot of trash .

Any info or Advice would be really appreciated .

Cheers - Dillon

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Th GM 1000 was solely designed as an entry level, cheaper compared to a lot of them, gold detector & was not designed for coins & relics. It is actually a brilliant detector on small shallow gold. While it has a discrimination ability of sorts on iron & non iron it is not ideal for coins & relics as far as filtering out the “junk”. All metal mode is its most powerful setting for depth but you will be digging everything. A better choice for gold & coin & relics is the Equinox 800. Our “modern” day coinage has an iron element in them so that doesn’t help you much with the GM 1000. The VDI number readings, like on the Equinox, help a lot more. But digging junk is just part & parcel of detecting. No matter what you are searching for.

Good luck out there

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Ok thanks a lot . Yeah I was Worried that the gold monster Is mainly just good for gold but I thought It would probably get the Job done as the park I was Heading to is Pretty small but Really old and used a lot so I thought I would Probably just dig everything anyway , I am 100% going to get the equinox or another better detector more designed for relics in the future but when I first got my detector Just as most Amateur Detector’s think I was thought I would be Finding Nuggets Left right and Center and I instantly thought , a Gold detector would be the better option. Of Course I have Only Found a Few here and there and Its mainly just for utility not really for profit , and I thought finding old coins might be an option for the time being after finding an old 1 Penny and some Horse and Cart gear in my backyard , I could give the gold monster a try until I set enough aside to Purchase a equinox .
Would I be Aloud to just Detect in my Local public park as long as I filled the holes in etc ?.
Thanks a lot .

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