Can anyone near Oamaru help detect lost jewellery?

My daughter lost her gold pendant cross in Oamaru just the day after her grandad gave it to her for her baptism. Obviously it was very upsetting for her and she is desperate to get it back. We were at a local restaurant and pretty certain of the exact location it went down between floor boards. We’d love to hear from anyone who is willing to help us detect it and would be very grateful in any case. Many thanks, Amanda

Run a Google search for Ringfinders NZ

There’s a few bods around who specialise in this.
If it’s sitting in the dirt under a deck with a good start point, I’d say it’s a guaranteed find.

Best of luck.

Thanks mudwiggle. Only one in South Island and based in Christchurch, but fingers crossed they travel.


I’ve found someone in Oamaru who can help. Can you message me your cell number and I’ll pass it on.