Can anyone identify this?

Is this a coin or token or what?
It weighs 4.53g and looks like it is pressed as it has a seam running around the centre of the rim.
On the reverse side it has the same picture. No words or numbers that I can see.
It is approximately the size of a spendable NZ 50c.

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I think it is a ancient token with the head of the high priest embossed each side. It was given to families of sacrificial virgins of ancient Incan lndian tribes.
Failing that l don,t know what it is.
Keep on swinging !:wink:


I agree, it looks very incaish, perhaps you have found the evidence that Maori are from South America, proving that contiki was correct.

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Looks like a boardgame token/coin.
It’s a good find.

Yer, a weird one - Spent some time today (when I should have been working) trying to reverse image search this one, even after extracting the design out to 2-colour through Photoshop, every lead is blank…

Agree with GP it certainly looks like a cereal box collectible, Gaming tokens usually have something along the lines of “No Cash Value” or similar. The fact there’s no writing is curious

What’s the metal? looks cheapy alloy (and sounds it with the seam around the rim)