Bush Whack Fluid Sluice

A little project im working on with the father inlaw this is the 1st prototype, going to be maikng the chamber removable.


Pretty cool. Looks like the Bazooka.


My thoughts too Gavin. :cowboy_hat_face:

Croc.or a Croc.looks like a Croc.

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Made the fluid box removable.

Very good - very sophisticated indeed - may many ounces find your way.

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Looks damn professional - nice work!

Had a quick search for the old original Bazooka gold trap - looks like they might no longer be operating. Did find a Swedish company doing something similar though - http://swedishbazooka.com/

Also found afairly ugly looking variation on Alibaba - Turbo-Bazooka-Gold-Trap-Sluice-Box

@KiwiBroAdventures you going to start producing some to sell, or just a one-off for yourself?

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Yeh we are putting a lot of thought into them and once we perfect it, we will be selling them, but only a limited run to see how it goes. This is only the 1st prototype to see how it runs then we will tweak it until it’s just right :grin:

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Still working on prototype