Bush prospecting to beach hunt

Spent the past few weeks bush bashing with the Nox800,only nails and lead assorted trash and a trout fly so far…noticed a lot of activity on the pipi/cockle beds,hopefully might pickup a ring or two,that they lost while digging,anyone hit the beds around Thames over the break,hopefully not I didnt see any one swinging a detector.Come to think of it I have never seen anyone detecting shellfish beds,Hmm

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Hey, where about are you based?, Im in Thames have tried in the general area of the beds with no luck, you shouldn’t have seen anyone gathering as there is a rahui placed on them!

I’m in Te Aroha,I know there’s a rahui on,but unless people are confronted they don’t know,and then you got those who do and dont respect it,probably the same people who take to much in the first place.

yip really crap, te mata has been pillaged for years, cars loads coming out of auckland and taking sacks and sacks, fisheries do set up from time to time and catch plenty of people but its never enough, I talked to a local, who told me the Rahui is enforceable by police and fisheries which is great.

Yep, I don’t like confrontations especially with big island boys, didn’t turn out well for me haha.must meet up for a swing one day

sounds good let me know if you head this way some time, I have tryed a couple of places your way but with little success, if your bush crashing description was down your way, then it sounds as productive as it is here too, just not the volumes of people historically like the cities.
I will message you my cell number

Cool thanks Matt will be in touch,yep sling me your mobile