Buried treasure

Kia ora all, I am going to be locating a metal chest full of family items this summer.
I know where it roughly is buried (in the 1930) and its in a metal chest buried between 6ft to 3ft.
I’m trying to work out the best approach to locate it with a detector. I have no knowledge of metal detectors and what works etc.
Any ideas and knowledge most appreciated to recover our family heirlooms.
Regards JK

From my experience of a similar ‘Lost cache’, it was stated as being 12 inches down, when in reality the top was only just under the surface (although they needed to dig a foot down to get it under the surface).

I would suggest yours is similar and probably in the order of three feet rather than six.

If it’s a full metal chest then any detector will likely find it. Set the machine to “All Metals”.
If you have a good idea of a start point, whack a stake in (after checking you’re not actually already standing over the chest!) and then using cord, slowly spiral out.

If the start point is more vague, then I would recommend a grid approach.

It’s a game of inches, if the coil doesn’t go over it, you won’t hear it. Take your time and good luck.

Alternatively, there’s a few Ringfinders out there, if you google NZ Ringfinders, it’ll give you a few leads to an experienced detectorist.

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Thanks for that advice. The box is about 4 foot long by 3. And i have a good idea where it is.
It’s good to know that any detector will be ble to pick up a signal
Cheers jk

I’ll validate that statement by adding any reasonable detector… A TradeMe $100 “Super Treasure Finder” probably won’t cut it.

Anything with the Garrett/Fisher/Minelab/Macro etc name should be okay (Apologies to dealers for any brands I’ve left out)

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I was at a cockys place a few years ago he (70 something) was telling me about his grandmother who farmed the place long before him & as it turns out some heirlooms were thrown in the toilet , so back them the long drop so the decades went buy and the cocky , a real good bugger , hit me up about finding some gold etc were he thought this stuff was , a long drop is generally pretty deep so I suggested a small digger and the services of a mate of mine , not that I don’t like some good shit ! just henry is a wiz on the detector anyway the upshot was after it was used for a toilet it got turned into a rubbish pit , yep near impossible but to henrys credit he found a 3oz glass bottle of gold miraculously unbroken and a ring , cocky was over the moon , seemly there was more stuff they just didn’t find it .

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What part of New Zealand is it in, you may be able to find a local detectorist to come help you out!

Located right at the top of nz

So above Auckland? in the north island?

heaps of kai for start would be a good idea t put down a hangi mate that way yoou will know who and who knows how to did,go around whanau and ask for alot of shovels and start digging

Sent you a message…