Buller River from the Owen to Murchison

Has anyone heard or known anyone who has prospected or worked the Buller between the Owen and Murchison

i most likely know someone who would of had a look in there, next time he calls me in a week or so i will ask for you.


Cheers Element,
that would be great and thank you for you time. Regards Nilecat

Nilecat… you need to check your messages… I sent you a note back 1st November.



I read your note regards the one you sent !st Nov.
I’m new to this site and I’ve hunted for the note you sent me and as yet I have nor found it. Maybe I’m searching in the wrong place.

Best time to find it in this stretch of the Buller is Feb, March when the river is at its lowest. I snorkel and suck the crevices, Don’t work alone, the river is still cold and hypothermia creeps up on you. A summer suit helps, a wet suit is too buoyant and too much energy is expended trying to stay on the target. All that sparkles is not gold! as an old timer told me “if she’s on top, rolls over and winks…she’s not gold”

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Gday bhenderson, thanks for your information. Yes know all about how cold it can gtet but this body wont be in the water. I had my days living in it, now it’s up to the younger ones to get wet. But if it gets too cold will make sure they have warm water fed to them
We will be doing a drift and will be doing prospects on our way . That in it’s self is a mission as I estimate the claim to be around 61 kms

Sent you another note… although the other earlier note is sitting as a sent mail to you in my folder.

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Gday LBD many thanks for the advice and yes we will be using that time of year to do some work .