Build a better gold snuffer bottle for under $5 (video)

Quick video on how to build one of these sweet sucker bottles that heaps of guys are using around Marlborough, they work heaps better than a standard gold snuffer bottle, they are super cheap and easy to build, and you can use them underwater dredging too.

Editing videos for youtube is still quite new to me so ignore the low production values, might need to find flasher software then what was pre-loaded with this computer if I am going to carry on making any kind of videos in future.


Cheers for sharing that. Hadn’t come across that style of snuffer bottle before!

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Thanks for the idea and video,I have time and a workshop so I’m going to try and make it easier for an old git like me to use,sucking is going to make me giddy! I’ll post up what I do and what I end up with.
I have a few idea’s and I’m half way through building my wi fi booster so when that’s finished a sucker is on the list.

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