Bucket lister yesterday and one today!

I’ve been having problems with my detector so I did a reset and went for a very quick spin at lunch time the second signal I dug and boom! I couldn’t believe my eyes 1866 half sovereign! And a few other bits to go with it.


Wow that’s super awesome well done I’m super jealous.

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You’ll be grinning for a week with that find.

Now you’ve spoilt my day, get back to work!:wink:

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You little beauty steptoeandson. Really great fine. Can see your smile from here.

Lol I sure am time for a beer I think!

Thanks yes I’ll be smiling for a while!

Totally jellyarse! A great find…you will be over the moon. Not a rare date or worth any more than the average early Victorian Half sovereign but still worth a few hundred. Value ranges from about $250 NZ through to upwards of $1000 NZ in absolutely top condition.

Thanks lammerlaw yes I’m over the moon! I’ve been detecting for two and a half years I always had a feeling I would find one this was a total surprise today tho happy as! It’s got a wee bit of wear but that’s ok I love it! It can go into the treasure box


Far out, excellent find steptoeandson, l would settle for anything made from the nice whiney stuff. The odds have gotta swing in my favour at some stage, don’t they ? Anyway welldone

Love that earing…oh and the coin

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WOW…awesome find. Congrats. Looks to be in very good nick. Well done.

Best of luck out there

JW :slight_smile:

Thanks yes keep at it and it will happen the older the spot the better the reason I went back to this spot as a friend of mine found an 1835 sixpence thereHH

Thanks and same to you!

One word: WOW! With that being said what detector did you use and what kind of signal was it turning up like, solid and clear or a bit broken? Never found a gold coin myself, so I’m a bit curious. Awesome job mate, I’m not jealous, not at all… :roll_eyes::joy:

Thanks golden boy I sure said wow when I saw it! I use the atpro it was a clear signal but a wee bit broken it was a solid 51 52 I nearly walked over it but it had a bit of depth to it lucky I took the chance!


Epic find man!! They aint easy to find, Think your detector is working ok lol. Pretty sure that’s the first gold coin find on the new forum? Maybe wrong?

Thanks soilsurfer! It may well be I’m not to sure?

WOW! Congratulations.
Welcome to the broken metal detector club :slight_smile:
My coil has a little salt water in it (probably harmed my graphite interference shielding) falses whenever I swing, need to rebuild it :frowning: fun times.
Also my GPX was water proof, but really need to rebuild, going to take a lot of effort.
My first job was only a short term hack.
What are the issue with your detector?

Thanks goldpandemic! Wow sounds like you have got your work cut out for you there! I have the atpro it was going nuts even when you held it up after detecting for half and hour or so but have had a play with it and seems all good now just did a factory restart and it’s sweet as!

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