Brand new here. Hope to share pics and stories of my mining trips

I’m a sniper from Northern California. Looking forward to sharing and learning from other members. A few pics from this summer…


Welcome aboard, that’s some impressive gold you’re finding there!

Is that cube for real or melted down?

Very nice display, thanks for sharing

I think it’s a nugget, the lucky bastard!

It is most certainly real. Pulled it out of a deep gutter in the bedrock of a small creek. 1.67 Troy


Impressive! My best to date is only 5 grams, but I aim to smash that this summer!!

That must of looked huge underwater.

Two of my ancestors went in the 49 Gold rush,did very well, good to see they left some behind !

Please do smash! I’ll send some “1 ounce club” vibes your way.

Hi there. Very nice GOLD.
Can you tell us what sort of coin that is.


Thanks. It’s a US 1853 dime. Not bad condition for being in a creek for who knows how long. I’ve also found Chilean silver coins and different Chinese currency.


Nice. I recently found a US 1858 3 cent (Trime) here on a beach, was smaller than that dime.


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