Brand new 5"dredge and equipment for sale

]Hi folks. I have sadly, got to sell all my gear))) had series of heart attacks over last 3 years so no more golding for me, Bummer!!!

So I have for sale, brand new 5" dredging box, 1200 mil long x 40 mil width, table is stainless!! Box sits inside and is ali and is removable. Mats, grills, riffles, and box, are all detachable for easy clean up. You can also remove the box, and sluice separately without the box for unmotorised work as well!! I also got made two new 5’’ steel lobster back venturi nozzles to almost eliminate blockages!! 5 metres of 5’’ suction hose blue-black concertina type heavy duty not the thin stuff and clamps, 30 METRES of good quality outlet hose 2" diam. ( the thicker blue one) and clamps. There are no floats, ( hadnt got them made before my heart gave up!!) so you can have the pleasure of designing your own!! Got a pan and a box to wash up in as well.

There’s a brand new semi dri xxL 5 mil full wet suit with another 7 mil full sleeve wetsuit jacket with hood to go over the top. Also a 3 mil short sleeve with hood for extra warmth if you need it.
Iv’e got brand new diving gloves, booties and high quality mask, as well as a new weight belt with around 30 35 kg of lead in it.
( was planning to add air compressor ,regulator and hot water for underwater

set up was for working in south island both in and out of the water, so dredge was specifically designed so that it could do both. The rig was made by a sheetmetal place here in auckland they did a really good job of it i think, and has only been tested once by me. The whole thing works brilliantly, with the black sand sinking in the middle of the box eg about a foot from the back of the box everything is clip on clip off really easy to use. I used a 6.5 hp briggs and stratton motor and pump on it. great flow through the box and the riffles worked just as they should.

There is no motor with this rig, someone earlier wanted the pump and inlet, so sold those off. It runs a 2" inlet by the way. The venturis i got made xtra long, so you dont have to spend hours breakin your back!! You can actually stand up with these!! The whole setup cost me around 5000 dollars but of course the motor and inlet arent there now, and they were 1150 so lets see, thats 3850, new, so any thing under that i will look at.

so there you go, that’s the lot i think, i cant think of anything else… oh yeah, the mesh on the table, i used stainless so it doesnt wear out fast, and it protects the riffles underneath really well too. This rig is not a flimsy lightweight thing. i designed it to last, and do the hard yards. So whoever buys it, is going to get some good gear!! So please offer me a fair price, fair enough??

was so looking forward to getting back to it again, but unfortunately it doesn’t look as though i will be able to again. like i say, all this equipment is brand new, never actually used, only tested, so it has years of use in it… cheers Dave au4u . ph. 02102922115.
Gold Dredge thats the link to all the photos just copy and paste

Dont give up matey… sounds like your going through a rough patch…hey I am to…I am in Auckland far from home, nasty chest pains, shortness of breath…the works…even phoned my son to tell him to write down the sequence of actions to take to get into my security room to access safes etc and where a succession of keys are hidden.
Sometimes we let things get us down.
You keep your gear a while longer…get yourself a bit of good company for security and plan tomorrow with a positive outlook and hey, who knows.
My old man had a nasty heart attack at age 58 but he got back into diving eventually and even bought a new suit a littke while ago…hes now 93.
Theres hope for you and me yet!
Keep them…good luck buddy…dont let yourself be beaten. To

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hi lammerlaw, thanks for your kind words man. sounds to me youre havn heart attacks too!! same symptoms I had. not sure I can hold on to the gear as the left bottom of my heart blew out so I havn’t got the blood flow needed for dredgin any more i think im luky if I can walk 200 mtrs on a flat plane now!!)) I was thinking of sellin up and buyin me a detector!! been lookin at all you guys on here havin a lot of fun digging up treasure!!haha!! looks a lot of fun and maybe not so strenuous on my system. whwere in auckland are you Im in Mt. Albert. be great to catch up sometime. cheers Dave.

I am staying out at Birkdale until 16th and have no transport which is a sod.
I get short of breath just thinking about things and yet can walk 7 k across the width of North Shore without any problem.
I have had chest pains off and on for years but will see Doc when I get back to Dunedin.
Yes you get a detector…they are magic and a lot of fun. You have some great beaches to pillage and plunder. On the beach near Browns Bay I was talking to a young couple and they had found a lot of modern coins and either two ir three rings in the six months they had their detectors. One of the rings was gold.

Geez what are you “thinking” about to get woozy? ? You 2 catch up and enjoy each other’s company AND you blokes need to see Dr’s earlier rather than later kiwi culture ahe. Your going to be fine for baiting!!

What me go to the doctor? They charge you an arm and a leg…I cabt afford a doctor because I am poor, destitute, insolvent, bankrupt and otherwise financially embarrassed!

hi there lammerlaw
shift to the coast you only pay by the fingers. $17.50 per visit. they will point the bone of the finger of the previous person at you

Hey I used to live there once…Totara Flat…great place. A few sheep, a few cows, millions of Opossums, goats galor and a pub…the ‘Heather Bell’ I lived in the NZFS camp there - I went all the way back to the Heather Bell a few years ago to have a nostalgia whisky…and another one…and another one…and the rest of the bottle and they had closed it down. But love the Coast. On my way to the Coast heading over Parthurs Arss theres a wee spot called Bealey…I had a hand once in planting some trees on the face of the hill there.
In fact my neighbour thought it so good over there that they went over to buy the Westport New World.
I will get back there again yet…if I dont wake up dead first.

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