Booster for garret atx

Hi has anybody had experience with using a booster on garrett ATX deepseker
Possibly better to not have one if your not happy with performance
trade off for cost waterproof and miserable irish blood
Any info graeatfully accepted ???
Anyone used one for big nuggetts in rivers local ???
cheers WIL

Big nuggets in rivers local?? What’s local & where are you hoping they are? :joy:

Jokes aside. The Garrett ATX didn’t end up being the Minelab killer that Garrett touted it to be. That was all marketing hype & in the end did no favours for Garrett. At best the ATX became a good beach PI detector & for diving with its water proof ability. Not a match for the Minelab PI’s on native gold detecting. Unfortunately if you want success these days in gold detecting you need to spend the money to get the best in equipment. Your miserable Irish blood might hinder you there. :wink: Having said that your best bang for buck gold detector would be the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 or if you can stretch a bit more the Equinox 800 is a very good at gold & coins & relics.

Here are a few bits I found yesterday using the Minelab GPZ 7000 coupled to a 15 inch concentric wound X coil. Pretty small gold for a coil of that size. Loving it.
The X coils are made in Russia & minelab hate them as the Russians worked out how to make their coils work on the GPZ 7000. The X coils have caused a stir in the detecting world simply because they are better than the ML coil. There is a lot more to it than that & I wont go into it. The point is that if you want success today you really need to keep up with the latest in technology. But as I said the GM 1000 is real bang for buck as it is very simple to use & deadly on the shallow smaller gold. The bigger bits you are dreaming off are like hens teeth today

It is off ground I had done to death with earlier Minelab PI’s Even the GPZ with the Minelab coil on it didn’t get gold here. Bring on the X coil. It was all in cracks & crevices in the schist bedrock.

Like this

I use a booster on my detectors to lift the faint signals. Cant help you with an ATX though.

Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


cheers appreciated have you ever imported minelab detectors ex auzzie is it worth doing to save a dollar ??? dont have to pay GST just import duty second hand on gumtree looks OK
400-4500 for a minlab5000 ???

Hi there, I haven’t directly imported them from Aussie but if you are interested I can help you with a 4000 & or a 4500 & a signal enhancers to suit. Also a multitude of different coils. I will hang on to my 5000. With the release of the new GPX 6000 there could be quite a few 5000 come up for sale in Aussie. They most likely already are. My main detectors these days are the GPZ 7000, Gold monster, Gold bug 2 & depending on the detecting situation the Nox 800.

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As for the big nuggets read an old book the otherday showing all big nuggets dont fall on you
55 oz nugget 1865 found above the flood plain of the river several miles west of lyell 12 and half feet underground not in the riverbed as you say plenty of fairy tales exist

That will be like a lot of nuggets deposited by glacial push & movement. Often gold deposits have been moved more than once & re sorted & re deposited several times. Be hard pushed to detect a large gold nugget at 12.5 feet. Imagine digging down to it & find an old miners pick or shovel head. :joy:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Or the miner still stuck in the hole
managed to find 5 early geology books 1865 the otherday down south otago southland and nelson library couple original diaries late 1800s
last night the news paper THE DEATH OF MR MOONLIGHT greymouth argus
Another one on the Taipo 1908 they all tell you get dirty youll find something
similar to what you just stated situation of nuggetts depends on a lot of variable …couple of mention from geologist on next best claims

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One thing I do know is that no gold is easy gold. I got skunked yesterday.

Are you interested in either of my detectors? Since you mentioned importing from Aussie. :slightly_smiling_face:


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maybe i look at a 5000 or a 3030 dont know if waterproof is necessarry do you find PI is better

There is a big difference between a 3030 & a GPX 5000. 3030 is a coin & relic detector & is VLF the 5000 is a gold detector & a Pulse Induction detector. The GPZ is a step above the PI’s but so to is the price. The PI’s are still very capable detectors but will struggle to find gold if a GPZ has been over the ground. Having said that though the Gold Monster, as I have said before, is very good at small/tiny shallow gold close to the surface.

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Hey guys just wana throw a question in here?
I’m on the coast and have a spot previously hydraulicly mined like 100 years ago which has bedrock similar to moonlight… Kinda what u might call rotton or decayed. And it’s definitely not a common known spot these days .
I’ve seen on voguss on YouTube that he has preferred detectors over there in dry climates with thin gold in tight cracks. What would you say would be a minimum type detector in this situation in nz and on the west coast?

If the gold is on/in the bedrock & not deep but just out of sight then the gold monster or Equinox 800 with the 6" coil will eat up that kind of gold all day long. The secret is that the gold cant be very deep into the rock.

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