Book on mineral wealth of nz

photo taken by my friend gold owned by my mate

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I think you miscalculate many of the guys here. Now do you know why they never tell you how much they know? it is because they know one hell of a lot but people who prattle on about how much they know usually dont know much but rather they expound what little knowledge they have as though they know it all. People who keep offering all this wonderful advice and yet give very uneducated answers to questions usually dont know much. Now I am sure you know heaps but instead of making yourself out as our resident expert why dont you merely contribute when someone asks a question instead of trying to prove yourself a Geniarse!. When people want advice they fucking ask for it - but otherwise its best to say nothing.

When was the book printed? Where can it be obtained for those who want it? (I dont as I think it might be a book I bought twenty four years ago - soft cover) It is interesting but I would not advise anyone to buy it unless they wanted it for purely interest sake - in which case fair enough but to use to practical ends to find minerals I dont think so.

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I am Shaw you know more than me so no worries

Far out I know nothing - I just make it up! What you do is that if someone asks advice then they do so because they dont know the answer so you tell them anything you want and they think your bloody marvellous, go away enlightened and suitable impressed!

First published 1995…informative to HOW minerals are formed …aimed at highschool students…etc…but I agree with Lammerlaw in saying it is not really a practical out in the field useage book. Q&A the way…old hands and experience. Perhaps leslie1 your title should read “Book on how minerals are formed” complete with date of publication, contents, $cost, availability and perhaps how it helped you on your quest for gold…

Don’t know how many times I have told you not looking for gold I collect rocks only and I didn’t know that book was for students as was given to me from a geologist

Are you thick…we KNOW what you told us…you only have to tell us once. How long ago did you come out from Asia to NZ. Us Kiwis aren’t as stupid as you seem to think we are. Don’t tell us things twice…once will do. Besides we are talking about a fairly simple small soft covered book that is a general interest book for young mineral collectors and not a comprehensive book on geology.
Which school did you say you go to? For goodness sake don’t go harping on about all the bull shit advice you want to give us and the fact that you aren’t interested in accumulating gold for yourself…you only need to tell us once. Are you ESL by any chance? (English second language) or level 2 NCEA?