Book/a place called moonlight

hi guys anybody have a book called a place like monlight they want to sell please ,not sure how this site works please message me thanx.

A Place Called Moonlight? A Place Called Moonlight: Stories from the Moonlight/Atarau Area Told by ... - Google Books

a place called moonlight my mistake would love to get hold of one if anyone has one to sell thanks.

i got a copy a while back. think it was from the take note bookshop in hokitika from memory if thats any help. sometimes museums have books for sale to. ive got the odd book from museums.

hi thanks for that gave them a ring and they are going to keep an eye out for one.

I bought mine from the Doc office in Reefton… Lovely book

if you have no luck there try… Good Keen Kiwi Books, 43 Tiverton Street, Palmerston Ph: 034562567. i havent dealt with them but have been told they have a good selection of nz books

hi thanks for that will give them a ring.