Bond for doc re getting access to your claim

Hi again ,more on the access requirements for claim.looks like i have the public liability side of things almost sorted.{thanks to all who gave advice}now sorting out the bond required .this is a classic …now i have no problem putting up a bond .,they require i set up a bond agreement with my bank …ie a good few thousand dollars ,is taken from my account and set up in another account ,in case i do damage in the area i’m panning?the bank then charges me 300.00 to have my money sitting in this account,then 125.00 every three months to look after my money???then on top of that my credit card limit is dropped 15,000???WTF… has that got to do with the 5000 .00 they already have in an account.?now thats thats approx …800 for the first year and in another 8years or so would be 5000.00?wouldn’t it be easier to just give doc 5000.00 and save the cost’s .is everyone in the same boat?i’m considering changing credit cards for sure,and will change banks iif i can find a better deal as well…i don’t think people realiise the costs involved in having a claim.and people wonder hy poachers are not liked …

Luckily my claim is 95% outside of DOC land… I enquired about access to the DOC areas but quickly decided it was just not worth the bother so I stick to working the non DOC areas…

I feel for you…

Sounds like the way to go…i’d rather give doc a donation to access the area…than paythe bank all that money for sfa…he he.cheers

In the past I have actually given DoC the bonded cash for a west coast claim in DoC estate. They have then held it in an account, given me yearly account summaries including the interest. this had no cost to me for administration and worked well.

I would explore that, and make money by interest rather than pay fees.

thanks Darryl i will speak with guy at Doc ,as he seems to be quite good to deal with…cheers

the agreement I had also on the west coast was to pay $3000 to doc they had and look after it no cost . just incase you make a mess.
dont forget you may have to put your hand in your pocket for the local iwi. if not working on doc land then you must be on linz then they also will put there hand out. what about resource consent depending on the area of the country you are.
bugger forgot about the easements to doc separate to the bond.
shell I keep going . don’t know why I got out of mine because it keeps going each year.
sorry about the doom and gloom but the reward at the end of the day is worth it

YES theirs a fair bit involved,having a claim,but you are right ,when you see a bit of colour in the pan the old ticker speeds up abit still…ha ha.cheers …

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Its cheaper to buy gold from a seller

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ha ha you could be right .luckily a guy in Doc ,arranged a bond ,similar to others ,where they hold the money ,and it gains any interest as well…no fees , no bank.thanks to all who gave me the info reguaring bonds,.saved me a lot of money in the long run…