Bloody covid 19

Hi all hope everyone looking forward to level 2 so we can get out and look for some gold. I know i am.

I have been working through being an essential service worker but my wife has lost her job and my hours have been cut . Not complaining as there are others a lot worse off. Now i will have a bit of spare times on my hands so will be hitting the public spots over winter. Other than the public areas are there any other spots i can pan or run a sluice or any claim owners that would let me do a bit of panning or sluice boxing . Happy to come to some kind of arrangement .I know this gets asked a lot so if you want to pm me good or bad im happy with that .
Other than that i hope you are all doing well this is a great site take care and rock on.


Can’t wait :grin: it’s been a long time lol
I think there was a post with maybe Dan walker oked it for people to have a scratch around on his claims! I think it’s in location section from memory. And I think the title was (looking for somewhere for me and my son to dig something) like that lol. Good luck
Regards David

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Cheers mate . I will have a look for that post I think I remember seeing it. Yeah can’t wait to get out will probably head to goldsbrough and moonlight . Gold panning and hunting shit yeah.

What else can you expect from life. Hunting and gold panning. It’s taken a virus to wake people up to “The meaning of life”


yip i am all lowdid up redy to go i got a claim wer you at

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Hi guys thanks for the replies. Another set back wife had major surgery on Thursday so been looking after her so hopefully I can get out in about three weeks . Yeah going to be bloody cold but still looking forward to it still keen to talk to claim owners and thanks to the member for the private message . I’m based in mid Canterbury so the coast will be where I go when I can. Hoping moonlight creek will be the go I see the fossicking area has gotten bigger since last time I was there . Have had good success just down from the car park in the past. Have you guys had much luck there not sure weather to go up river or down any info would be great not after you secret spot. Are you still allowed to camp there?. Thanks guys rock on .

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Went to goldsborough on Saturday a few people panning only one couple camping beautiful weather water bloody cold . Will be back soon

bloody went there to goldsbourgh 2 weeks ago.
I had personally written “fuck off cashless society” on my car then some fuckwit comes along and writes “fuck off faggot” on my car while i was out panning.
So one cant even write protest on his own car anymore new age socialist whores cant accept cash, oh no it is a virus spreading villian cash is, what a load of shit yet fear works well. piss off to where ever you came from you backward arsehole that wrote faggot on my car. would love to have caught you in act.
Cool though this week saw 4wd with fuck 1080 written in proper car stickers on his car.
some in this world just such drones

both my landie and my wifes triumph have anti 1080 stickers

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here is what i got from days worth of sluicing using ezy-sluice model. Is that ok amount for goldsbourgh? not to sure what other fellows score there.


i dont have scales so not sure what weight it is. 0.5 to 1 gram maybe not sure.

Another day from one other week when i was other there.

This was what I got from three hours of sluice boxing at Goldsborough a few years back. All from the same little dig spot.

classifier bucket 1

classifier bucket 2

classifier bucket 3

classifier bucket 4

operating sluice box 003

operating sluice box 016

operating sluice box 020

operating sluice box 021

This particular spot may have been commercially mined now.

JW :cowboy_hat_face: