Blenheim Detecting

Metal detecting in Blenheim

Hi I’m pretty new to metal detecting. I’ve just bought a Garrett at pro. Any tips would be greatly appreciated

When swinging your coil whilst detecting, they say “low and slow”. Almost skim the ground with a steady even motion to try keep the coil level. Avoid what they call UFO’ing where people have an upswing at the end of each swing of your coil. I use Minelab and I am not familiar with Garrett settings, but there will be people here that can help you out. Also on Youtube there is a lot of Garrett stuff. One channel I watch is The Hoover Boys…hope this helps. BTW always leave the ground how you found it after each hole and always get permission for any private property hunts.


Thanks for the tips, I’ve got permission one one piece of land where I’ve found some old nz coins but I want to get permission on an old house but I’m yet to go and ask. Thanks again