Bit of black gold

You never no what will wash up on the shore but fresh ambergris is a bonus pretty sure the pointy bit on the left is a squid beak


my problem is i could discover a huge chunk worth a fortune and not know what it is and leave it behind

This piece is quite new and has the consistency of tar and easily pliable but the smell gives it away its also the least valuable
Ive heard of guys burying in the sand for a few years where i suppose it turns to look like pumice and increases the value

Cool find if it is.
You can keep your Porpoise puke though. My wife complains about the smell when the wetsuit boots come inside, let alone that.

Past all the tests and confirmed by a Stewart islander who’s been collecting all his life hence the bury in the sand story

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Early retirement :slight_smile:
Haven’t heard of ambergris washing up on this bit of coast.

…Where’d you say it was again?

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One of the beaches that gets a lot of fresh pumice that i can only presume comes from the kermadec Islands

Be coming from Tonga at the moment. Pumice that is.

JW :cowboy_hat_face: