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Bit more luck at the beach

gday all,couple of recent hunts brought two rings up one 9ct birmingham hallmarked band very thin i damaged it extracting it,deep and up against a rock must have squeezed it on the rock and being 9ct it cracked.the other one is 18ct beautifully crafted,no date mark but i think 1940s,good luck to all.


Great finds. Like them both but then again all gold is good gold!

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yes lammerlaw dont think theres a better feeling than taking yellow out of the ground,you got to get one of these nugget finder coils,by the way the 9ct band is dated 1899 looks like ive found another oldie spot.

mums the word - hmmm wouldnt even tell mum - mind you mine is dead at the moment so guess the box of ashes wont say anything. Always good to find an old and as yet undetected spot.

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Bloody hell mate that’s awesome

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Way to go Roy. That deep seeking coil is doing it’s job.


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