Biggest gold total for 1 trip

in my day in the 70s when catching OPOSSUMS they were called opossums.

Dead bloody right! Dammit all the blasted page wouldnt let me post unless I put 20 characters - nauseating shit of a thing.

No brownie points for you not telling me because I would have given you a place to stay and taken you out to see the sights etc and have a look around. Of course it might have been when I was up north. Best fish and chips in the world - Snapper and chips at Manuka Fish and Chip shop at Glenfield.

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Yes I am but spend nearly as much time out of Dunedin - Coromandel or North Shore and heading to Wellington soon for a few days.

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Do you mean the one on the south side of the lake?

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Me & a mate did a chopper trip a few years ago did 6 days & got 14.5 ounces ,we new the gold was there it wasn’t a stab in the dark , best day was just under 3 ounces we guesstamated there is or was at least 100 ounces left there , big area gold from one end to the other , we barley scratched the surface but of course hit what we believed to be the better spot , we had very limited time ,it was almost winter & a claim had just been lodged over the area , the new claim owner didn’t no about the spot , a couple of years latter after a big flood the beach got washed away , don’t no if the good stuff is on the bottom or its all gone…