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Big bang theory

Found this fat boy this afternoon at a scrub fire any ideas projectile would have been 85mm…

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1940 18 pounder apparently during ww2 it was a training area the plot thickens

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Whoa Chris I could be wrong but it appears to me from the bottom of the casing photo that the primer cap has not been fired which also means that the main primer inside has not been fired, which means you have a live round have you checked it or is there a firing pin mark I cant see,it may also have used an electrical circuit to fire it,not sure,
just a note of caution ,thanks

PS especially if it still had the primer saftey clip attached

Cheers for the concern it was in a fire and I can see the primer is hollow

All good…

The contents would have left a decent bruise if you got in the way! Nice collectable

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Went back to where the casings were found and located the projectiles

carefully transported them(in gumboots) to our quarry and contacted the police they decided to bring the bomb squad up from Auckland and want to do a complete mine detect of the area

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Geez Chris, you have big one’s up your way. :grinning:

Well the bomb squad don’t muck around… Hell of a explosion then had to hand over the casings they’ve taken them back up the quarry for what they reckon just a bit of detcord just to be safe

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The find is excellent but could be very dangerous for someone who doesn’t know how to transport it in the right way. That’s a stroke of luck that you know how to handle it.

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