Best place to sell?

Hey team what’s the best way to sell your gold in nz?

Trademe would be best - private sale.
Maybe offer a small amount on Trademe with the option of more being available so that Trademe fees are avoided on the bulk of what you wish to sell.


Thanks for that was hoping there was a legit Gold purchaser in NZ as we have just brought a central Otago claim and suction dredge.

The Gold Shop in Arrowtown and The Gold Room in Hokitika both buy gold. I think they prefer the larger pieces for jewelry.

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I sold some years back when I started out to a licensed buyer in Christchurch. Can’t remember the details or who put me onto him. Required sighting your drivers license and think I couried the gold to him. Sorry I can’t remember the name of the business. I have a feeling the jewellers that used to be in oconnells mall put me onto him. They’re still around in a different premise. It’s called goldfields jewellers.

The Gold Shop in Arrowtown has given me spot price for pieces they can use in jewelry ie earings. For other gold they have to make a bit on that as they on sell that to a gold buyer. Everybody wants their 10 cents worth so you would be best to go direct to a gold buyer. They generally take your gold, assay it & melt into a lump/bar to purify it & pay you what they pay you. There is always a certain weight loss in the melt/purifying process. A mate of mine reckons he was ripped off big time as the big unknown to him was the truth between the clean gold weight that he passed on & the big difference in what he was paid in the end. I can’t recall who the gold buyer was that he used but he never used him again. The trust was broken.
Give Justin at the gold shop in Arrowtown a call & ask who he sells his gold to. Or do a search on NZ gold buyers & negotiate with them for the best price they will pay you. Don’t forget they have their costs to cover & to make something themselves out of all your hard work. No gold is easy gold but it is for the buyers.

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If your in the Queenstown/Central area Justin should see you right. I used to secure track courier to Morris and Watson my best assay for Otago Au that I had from them was 99% for micro fine gold from very near Dunedin, at the time they said it was the purest Alluvial gold they had ever had (1998) then you were paid what the spot price was in the Otago Daily Times on the day they received your gold deducting at the time 5% but am not sure what the go is now as it is easier for me to find a private buyer for the convenience of a cash sale which I get 24ct spot deducting 15%, or one of the reputable dealers about though cash sales above the table are not allowed any more. I also use Mercury and have my own private buyers for the smelted amalgam there are some well known ones in Dunedin…I get full 22ct spot price. Feel free to private message and I can pass the details of a couple on to you…just do not sell to anyone in the center of Dunners with a shop front or office in town as it is likely they are scraping off way too much cream to pay wages and rent. Good Luck.

You can phone to see what Regal Castings, 7 Akiraho Street in Auckland would give you or NZ Mint, Level 1, number 48 Greys Avenue in Auckland.
Most jewellers deal with them.
I know that both are excellent to deal with.
If l had any gold and wanted to sell it then l would sell on Trademe but put a 15 percent over spot price on it to cover Trademe fees otherwise you are better selling to an Auckland Bullion dealer as listed above or Justin for larger bits.
There is someone in Dunedin. I noted they were selling silver bars at around $200 more per 1kg bar than you could buy them at Regal Castings and NZ Mint so l am assuming they bought them at Regal Castings and NZ Mint and add on their mark up and if they are buying then they will give you a pittance and then sell to the same people that you can sell direct to…Regal Castings or NZ Mint!

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The better deal you may get over the phone is partly negated when you start sending gold all over the country esp if smaller amounts as the likes of Lepreseans, plus the added risk for larger amounts, than if you sell locally who will give you the same if not a better deal. Not sure if gold sales are considered an essential service in Auckland at the moment.

Thank you for the advice guess we better keep sucking up dirt lol

Just a note to anyone who used to sell their gold to Dan G from dredgenz - he was an awesome dude to deal with, honest as, and always very fair to me. He made a small margin and I was happy.

The new owners, no offense to them they are trying to make a living, offered me only 80% of spot on 99.999% pure AU. I got a shock, still am. So I wouldn’t recommend selling to dredgenz now 8-(

Mandy at gold n gumboots in the coachman’s hall Arrowtown. Offers spot price on gold and some. Pays 1.5 spot on nuggets and pickers. Cash or bank account

Ring her 02102226257


Thanks for the the contract :+1:t2: