Best place to sell gold in South Island

Hey all,
first time poster here. Where is the best place in to sell your gold?
Do you take your flakes in? Is it better to melt it down?
I looked on the old site and I see Morris and Watson was recommended.
Any help would be good for a newbie.
That thread has many different buyers.

We are lucky in NZ the gold is quite pure, 98% (at least in the West Coast). Coromandel & such has silver impurities - not a bad impurity to have.

First though you want to get a fairly large strong magnet, build a plastic housing out of a plumbing pipe (PVC - white kind). Now that it is waterproof and easy to remove the iron sands, away you go.

Next if you want to go one better, you could get a small electric smelter (or gas furnace larger & have to pay for gas constantly). Add a tiny bit of Borax that will remove many impurities, such as sand(silica) or higher melting elements (depending on what temperature you’re melting your gold at - electric furnace should be easier to regulate this). This won’t purify it, if there is copper, silver, and possibly some other metals they may remain.
Now whomever you have process your gold should not be telling you it’s filled with loads of impurities (eg sand/quartz//iron sand)

If you want to go nuts, not too difficult, then go for electrolysis. Then sell your own bullion.
(@Mudwiggle hope he will come along to add some off his vast knowledge.)

@GoldPandemic Can’t help with smelting or electrolytical extraction of gold I’m afraid…

Darn, oh well it is fairly simple. Many videos on youtube.

I think that the best place to sell gold is on Trademe to be honest - if I was going to sell gold in any form then that would be where I would sell it and also silver bullion. I was buying silver bullion for clients from dealers in Auckland and noting that sellers were selling it on Trademe for sometimes $100 more per kilogram than what I was paying dealers the bullion dealers.