Best of this week

scored a copper medalian size of a tradesman token but dont think it is,. got it in the water so its almost stuffed would like to id it has a shield with crossed ,i think hammer and wrench, makes me think of the 1882 industrial ch ch exhibition,cant get anything off the obverse yet still in soak, has advance canterbury in the scroll script,also a stuffed E.R 11 coronation medalian,1880 shilling also came out.good luck.

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Is this it Roy 1 Penny (Hobday & Jobberns, Christchurch) - New Zealand – Numista

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yes thats it i can make out the W in the script nice one,never seen that one before.

i think its the old ballantines building i used to service the old escalators there,had a big fire way back.

Nice token there Roy


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