Best metal detector to buy?

HI can anyone tell me what’s a really good detector and where to buy it ‘I live in hamilton’

Really depends on what and where you want to detect as to which machine would be best for the situation. Can you supply us with a bit more info.

Are you after coins?
Do you want to detect beaches?
Or are you after gold nuggets?
How much is the maximum you want to spend? The most expensive machine is $10,000 :grinning:

Thanks for the reply ,mainly coins and rings etc not nuggets .
Is it possible to spend say $1000 and still get a reasonably good machine?

Bigmuzz you might like to check out the Minelab X Terra 705 on
A great detector within your budget.

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Hell Yeah! Between $700 and $1200 will get you a VERY good unit. Usually a machine under $700 such as the Garrett 400i is still a really good unit but will have a few limitations. Wet sand being one of them. So if your looking for rings down at the beach and you get anywhere near the salt water you tend to get a lot of bad signals. At the other end, over the 1200 mark and you will probably be getting a unit that specialises in a specific field such as relic or gold and will probably need a few years knowledge behind you to operate the thing. I’ve had a few machines over the years and currently have a Minelab CTX3030. I did concider a Garrett ATPro haveing had a Garrett before I know they are good machines but I needed a machine that was for a specific job. I don’t think you could go wrong with the Minelab X Terra 705 from easy to use and good results. Whatever you do, DON’T rush into it. Ask a lot of questions and get as much info as you can.

He asked for the best, Minelab GPZ-7000 is currently the best

He also said “mainly coins and rings etc not nuggets

I believe your recommendation would be the best for gold nuggets -

around a $1000 to spend - Makro Racer - Nokta Fors Core - Teknetics T2 (original) - Fisher Gold Bug - Teknetics G2 _ Minelab XT-705

I would not recommend a Pulse Induction for what you are intending to use it for

I hope this helps

Hmm, Bigmuzz it sounds like you have found an undetected area, do tell? :yum:

Locally it’s known as Mickeys Hill.

Or by it’s official name.



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