Best detectors For a beginner

Hi all I am wanting to get into gold detecting and am after advice on what kind of detector to get ? I want something that will find gold but isn’t 10k thanks

Nice one Joel. Sure some good advice is on the way. happy hunting and be safe out there.



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I’ve been down this road of asking. There are alot of opinions and reasons to why each detector is better. From my learning experience i’d recommend a gold bug 2. Easy to learn to use whilst still decent scope for someone who knows what they are doing. Reasonable pricing for some good kit


Is a garret at gold any good? Cheers

Nope, Only good thing about it is that it is waterproof and takes standard AA batteries … it doesn’t find gold as good as a GB-pro let alone a GB2.

It goes better as a coin / relic machine despite its name.

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whats a good detector for finding course gold at depth in course gravels ?. I have only ever had a gold bug 2 and it has been great but i have to start digging in a likely spot or on a nugget line and detect as i dig. It does get almost everything but only at close range, say 10 cm for < .5 g and maybe 15 for > 10 g but this all depends on how restricted you are. I would like to know there is a 10 grammer at 1 foot before I dig and then get all the associated smaller pieces. I am a reluctant headphone user and I know this would help. course gravel say 10 to 15 cm diameter seems to restrict me so much that it is pushing me out of range for the goldbug 2 is what I,m trying to say. Any thoughts or advise would be handy.

Cheers guys and gals


Check out the Makro Gold Racer…iv seen some really good results from then in NZ conditions etc and the price for is performance is quiet respectable!