Best crevicing tools

So today I went down to the river with my family and some friends. Didn’t have a pan with me but wanted to get some gold anyway. I managed to find a rib bone from an animal and used that to scrape out a likely looking crevice. Nowt I needed a pan. My wife had just finished her cup of coffee so I used the cardboard coffee cup to pan out the material from the crevice. Lo and behold, out pops a $9 piece of gold. Coffee paid for! The gold is sitting on the dark rock.


Beauty! You never know its there until you dig, nice one!:+1:

Wow, amazing isn’t it

Hahah thats cool man

Hey Matt. Classic mate. But I have a bone to pick with you, & I’m not ribbing you either. :joy: I am very surprised you didn’t go to the river a bit better prepared considering you would have known it was gold bearing & your chances were high of having a scratch for as bit of yellow.

How’s the dredging going?

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Hahaha, was a family trip, probably would have been told off if I turned it into a real prospecting mission. Dredging has been going well. Just about to pop off to Asia for a couple of months to warm up. Then back into it for the foreseeable future :+1:

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We used a variety of twigs and sticks to a gram or two out of a crack.