Best budget nugget finder for a newbie?

Hi …Hope I’m in the right place! I’m looking for a detector capable of picking up the small stuff. Match head size maybe. I’ve been looking at Fisher Gold Bug Pro or GB2. A little cheaper than Minelabs but seem to have the goods. Would prefer something that can handle West Coast weather if (when) it rains . Anyone out there with experience with Fisher gear? Cheers. John

The best would be the Minelab Gold Monster for small gold or the harder to use Equinox 800 - I have both and use the Gold Monster.


Yep Lammer laws right…gold monster all the way…pay the money…pretty waterproof…robust…easy to use…great on picking up small gold…goes into “dum” mode in minerized ground but can be reset by on/off and rebalance or swing it over a small nugget on a piece of plastic card will reset it!

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Completely agree with mal and lammerlaw turn key easy to use compact will pick up smaller nuggets that my sdc will not sound of on two considerations though if you are in a mineralized area they are not great also they do not do depth I have picked up 2 gram nuggets at 6 inches they they missed give dredge nz a call discuss the area you won’t to work he will put you on the right track

Yer the Gold Monster is a good little weapon & comes with two coils. The Nox 800 is equally as deadly on tiny gold but only comes standard with the 11" coil. That coil in itself is pretty deadly on tiny gold too.

There is a 6" coil for the Nox 800 but it is an extra that you have to pay for separately. I believe it is equally as deadly, if not more so,on tiny gold as the 5" Gold Monster coil.

The Nox 800 is also waterproof down to 3 meters. So that will suit you on the West (wet) Coast. :wink: A tad more expensive than the GM 1000 though.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi Guys…Thanks for the commentary. Seems the Minelab is out front at the moment! I’ll need to check my bank balance. But hey, if I find gold it may pay for itself. Cheers. JR

Yep…Flanders…if ya like us you will probably pay it off in around 27 years time…lol!


I got a Gold Kruzer and i am really Happy with it :grin: Found Gold as Well and is full waterproof to 5 m. … lightwait too… :slight_smile: 2 coils

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