Best Aussie Gold Forums?

What are the better Australian gold forums people have used?

Researching a trip over there and am wondering the best place to ask a few questions of the locals.

I’ve just joined this one for gem cutting

Cheers @goldsborough - seemed to be a few around so was looking for a good starting spot :wink:

Here you go Gavin.
Dont waste your time on Finders forum. It is just a cesspit of crap. They are more into driving knives into people’s backs. You will very rarely find anything about gold being spoken on there.

Good luck.

John :slight_smile:

Cheers John, appreciated! I have come across that one before - looks familiar, I wonder if I already have an account on it. Will soon find out… :slight_smile:

And thanks for the tip on one to avoid. I’ll give that a wide berth then and save myself some time.

I have the .kml files for every gold mine or nugget ever found in Australia on google earth if you want them?

You could possibly chuck them on paydirt for all to see, I just need to figure out how to export them


Hell yeah @Gavzilla, that would be awesome! Cheers :slight_smile:

Do you have a link to anything, I might be able to figure out how to export. Or is it all in an app on your phone?

Sent you a few files from drop box. Let me know if the links work

Go over to kalgoorlie go out on the yarra Rd drive 150kms straight line you will come to a farm station go another 150kms into bush gold in sand 1 foot under sand that I know I drilled it all

Once I get to the farm station, is it a left or right turn into the bush ? :joy:

Go past old workings on left side mine closed down as they were mining hard rock offices use to be just up the Rd on left side you will see a small bankle go down that drive straight a head then go left 500 yards or so then go right you will see a dry ravine gold in ravine ad also on other side my advise take a GPS you don’t want to get lost out there there is no water

Cheers Gavin, very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

My trip is to Victoria… mate has a brother we recently moved to Ballarat so we’re going to explore the region with him for a few weeks.

Just need to figure out where the public fossicking areas are now!

Learn to use GeoVic before you go, start thinking about where you are going to head and make a plan, it’s free to use.

Prospecting Australia is probably the most social forum, full of gray nomads though, might not really be your scene. You’ll need to get a post history (I think it’s 10 posts) to get instant access to the members sub-forums there.

I wouldn’t even bother with Doug Stone’s gold maps as toilet paper, Tully’s maps are a pretty good resource when you are out of cell cover and want to figure out where the workings are in your area. (or for when the geovic servers are down, which is often), he’s a good bugger and you can often meet him at the Dunolly Museum when it’s open.

I’ve had good luck around Maryborough, rate it as the easiest place to still find gold in the triangle, at least out of the places I’ve visited, absolutely shit loads of junk and shot around but when you’re digging big lead it’s a good sign the ground you’re on hasn’t been cleared out by detectors.

Any other questions hit me up, I spent a few months there last year with the missus, cruising around the country in a cheap 4x4 with a rooftop tent.

Spent a couple of weeks in the Ballarat and Maryborough

area detecting in the early eighties. One of my mates Reggie who invited me over had quite a collection of nuggets (pictured and these where only the big ones} All detected mainly using Whites in those days. 49 ounces in photo. I only managed a few grams using my old Garret. Lovely to handle those nuggets.

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@Darren thanks for the valuable tips, very much appreciated! Maryborough is now on the short list!!! Shame about Doug Stone’s atlas… had already picked one up some time ago. Will check out Tully’s maps - I’d heard a lot of people don’t rate the Doug Stone’s ones.

@musketballs I’ll keep my expectations low, those nuggets look a lot better than what I’m expecting to find! :stuck_out_tongue: Though you never know!

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Visualize those big ones Gavin while you swinging.:grinning:
HH and good luck.