Been out a few times lately and had some success

I’ve been out swinging the coil a fair bit lately so just thought I would post a few photos of what I’ve picked up.


Hell that’s a nice haul there Wanderlust. Well done,:star_struck:

A lot of awesome finds there, love the whistle that’s cool. Well done HH & GL

Yeah I reckon, a jewel encrusted whistle! That’s a lot of digging, good stuff.

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What an absolute haul , good work. How many trips and hours to get a stash like that ?
Cheers xterragold

Most of the photos show what I found on each trip. There is about 9 trips and I usually spend 2-3 hours each time.
The big pile of junk was from one permission area that I wanted to really clean out and was 4 trips worth about 12 hours spent getting that plus the goodies.