Beautiful day for some creek time

Happy new year all
Hope some of you manage some creek time during the holidays.
Bit of north island creek gold.


Good going!! What sort of weight did you get?

Hi Harold. Just under 3 grams with the small pickers.
Straight off the mat…:call_me_hand:
Not bad for afew hours

Very good going there!

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Hi Doon, I am up in Auckland and cant wait to get in there around the Thames area, you give me an incentive to get down there as soon as,
Your findings are quite a revelation to the amount if gold still in the coro area, nice going with your time in the bush, which is half the reason I get out there


Hi mate. Great weather for it indeed.
Seems to be alot of people thrashing Thames side lately.
I’m more into exploring side of things.
Mines. Shafts and the history.
Always interesting to see if it’s still around.
There is alluvial in most creeks and streams.
Very deep too