Beaches, xterra 705

Any idea if i can get my xterra 705 to work on black sand? Tried everything i could think of but kept saying overload. Cheers

It wont work Matt. Too much iron in the sand if it’s west coast north island.


Yeah sure was, how do i combat black sand layers on east coast beaches? Will i continually have iron signals?

The black sand on the east coast is not so much of an issue in my experience however as the 705 is a single frequency machine you are likely to get false triggering in the wet sand of some beaches. The only way to remedy this is to switch to a simultaneous multi frequency machine like the Minelab E Trac’s, CTX3030’s or the new Equinox . Dry sand with the 705 is probably ok.


Cheers metalkiwi, ill report back after my first east coast mission!

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Try dialling the sensitivity back a bit, if there’s that much iron sand, then you’ll only be working the top layers anyway and pulling the sensitivity down some, even quite a bit, will help and you won’t lose appreciable depth.