Beach gold claims

Does anyone on here play on beach claims! What specific equipment do you use?
Would a modified gold cube converted to dredge be ok to use

I made a sluice box out of plywood,really long and used the black ribbed floor matting.

its something you have to get just right on the flows and speed of the water. look at old photos
alittle more to it than just shoveling sand into a box. good luck

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There was a thread years ago about it. Guy used a truck trailer with a big tripple stack of sluices and i think he used tbe rough polar fleece material in it. Also look up the shetlands sluice box

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Yep that was me. At Tauranga Bay Westport. Used a sand pump and pumped four yards an hour. Got between three and four ounces a week. Wide tables with boil boxes, a double decker.
Got out of that years back now.

The Gold cube was actually born in NZ and developed in the USA. The guy that makes them contacted me a few years back. Was having trouble catching flour and fine gold. Nothing worked. I gave him a few pointers and he set to work. He built a set up similar to mine, but smaller, it worked. (Course it would). He then asked me if I had the idea of the boil boxes patented. That was a No, as the system has been around for years. It was of course deveopled by the Shetlanders at Nine Mile Beach Westport back in the late 1800"s. He was a wood turner by trade so set to work, After several wooden and perplex models. He refined the idea, and turned it all into the Cube. So one could say if I hadn’t got into black sanding, there would have been no Cube. He has done well, it took a lot of marketing and getting yanks to accept the principle was a process. He has done well out them. And good on him.

So Gavzilla. Yes the Cube will catch beach black sand fine gold. That is what it is designed for, flour and tiny gold flakes. But your feed rate would be small so the ground would have to be very rich indeed. The Cubes main function is for treating sluice concentrates, you would have to build a decent set of table or a single table using the same principles, the boil boxes.

Hope all that assists.

Trev aka The Hatter


I think we met too at Tauranga bay. Was your house by the claim and did you have a beautiful compound bow and target seaward of your house?

Yep Mangrove,probably me. I had a house overlooking the bay and claim… a bit stumped re compound bow tho, never had one of them.

Get a bit of a buzz everytime I see a Gold Cube appear on the discovery gold programs.Latest One popped up with Dakota Fred on Alaska White water Gold.

Thanks a lot, I was tempted to get the Gillespies beach claim But having looked online at what’s involved in working black sand claims it looks like a long hard process!

Must have been another…i recall a good chat about the bow.