Bazooka gold trap with Robinson sluice

Before I start shovelling like a maniac it is handy to know if the ground is worth working. Running a few shovels through the plastic sluice gives a hassle free indicator.


That’s a pretty cool idea :slight_smile: I guess you could also glue some rubber matting for a constant indicator, but I guess it might suffer wear and tear when shoveling like a demon or interrupt with material quickly getting flushed through.

So are you a big fan of the bazooka? I love the concept but haven’t had a play with one yet.

Well it took some time to get used to a bazooka, the no classify thing is a big advantage. However you can’t see the gold in the trap and they require lots of water flow.

At first I was using too much pitch and material was moving way to fast through the box. Had better results placing the box as flat as possible and using a small rake to help bigger rocks on their way. Process is slower but you can see even tiny specks working on down the deck to the trap. Fine gold recovery was much improved. Also clean out more regular intervals in heavy black sand areas.

Overall if there’s enough water its my go to sluice every time.

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If I was ever hand working again, I wouldn’t do it without a bazooka or similar. So much more material you can process = more AU. Any time you are in Golden Bay Gavin - happy to dust mine off and show you.

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Cheers, I’ll try and keep that in mind next time I get up that way again :slight_smile:

Can you still pick up a fluid bed sluice anywhere?

Found this there are some vaguely similar on ebay - but I’d go for these.

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Pros/Cons with this over the dream mat?

Thanks :+1: I will have a look at this Cheers