Back to the same spot

had to take advantage of these good tides so back to the same spot and was rewarded with some tiny gold ,four 9ct rings for just 5g all from the depths,this nugget finder coil is something else,the wedder band is birmingham hallmarked for 1906,got to make it back there tommorow tides getting worse by the day.


Following this one with vicarious excitement.

I had one of these a few years ago, literally a ring every step, but I was too green then and left it to go to work(!). The following morning - the door to the vault had shut.

Still waiting and checking every few days, and when it opens again I’ll be there 24/7 until I’m thrown out

  • or fired!:grin:

Looking forward to tomorrows installment

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Choice. Go GOLD.



Yeah, those are sweet finds. I’d be there 24/7 if I got onto something that good!