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Since the forum has changed since I last posted this, I am re posting it. Not sure if the people who said they would like to help before are still on here, so if you are, get back to me. If anyone else wants to send me a PM, giver. I am not taking just anyone, so don’t expect to be invited just because your interested. I must be able to trust you before anything. And you must be able to work around my schedule, which is 5-7 days at the claim before seeing civilization again. Please don’t expect to get rich by helping. You will get some gold guaranteed, how much is the real question that can’t be answered.

Hey all,

Just thought I would see if there is anyone interested in helping me dredge this year. I pretty much just need someone in the water with me to help move rocks. You can try your hand at dredging if you have the wetsuit for being underwater. I have an extra suit that fits me but its not the best. Just a back up.

Your job would entail helping me move baskets of rocks, helping with taking dredge out of water each day, helping move dredge when needed, helping move large rocks with winch and bars, and helping with pretty much anything else to make our life easier. It is just me and the wife down there, and since she is the cook, I don’t wanna have her helping, cause then I have to help cook. lol

It would be best if you were a student or someone who is not expecting a daily wage. I am willing to give you 10% of each days clean up, plus pay for your food while you are helping. And we don’t survive on rice and peanuts. Its steak and chicken, eggs and bacon, and good food. Since mining is hit and miss for making money, I can’t even give you a ball park for what you can make a day. Except some days you might not make more then a few bucks. That’s why we eat good. It would also be nice if you had a quad bike or motorbike, as its a bit of a drive to get to camp, and I don’t enjoy doing it twice as I only have one quad.

You will need a tent, sleeping bag and a torch, that’s about it. Any anything else you want to carry down to make your life comfortable you can bring. But you have to carry it back out, so don’t bring the beer fridge with you. You are welcome to pan, sluice, snipe, metal detect, or what ever when we are not working. A friend last year found a half gram nugget, and the wife found a .40 gram with out getting wet. You can trap possum and keep the fur also for a few extra bucks a night.

Now that your interested here is the best part.
My claim is remote, we have an hour quad ride in, a short walk into camp, and a steep climb getting back out to quad. All food and fuel needs to be carried into camp, all garbage needs to be carried out. THERE IS NO POWER. So that also means no internet, cell phone service. We stay in camp for up to 7 days, depending on weather. Go to town for food, a shower, and maybe a night drinking, and back into camp a day or two later. You will need to be in good shape, have some experience in the bush, and be safe in your working attitude. We are remote enough that if you were to get really hurt, you might not make it out alive. Could be up to 2 hours before you can get medical attention. So don’t waste my time or yours if you are a clumsy fool. I won’t ask you to do something you or not comfortable doing, but I do expect you to work, so don’t pull BS with me or you will be sent packing.

If anyone is interested please send me a PM with what kind of experience you have. I do not want someone who is wanting a mining partner to split costs, ect. Just someone who is wanting to gain some experience for there own gold adventures and have an awesome summer adventure. You will also have to sign a confidentiality agreement, just saying that if your caught on my claim without me, you will be shot! Plain and simple.

Here is a video of a summers work. Don’t ask how much I made that summer, that’s my secret. My best day was 12 grams in 3.5 hours. Worst day was 0.5 grams for 5 hours. Gotta love mining!


hay do you still ned sum one

Hi GoldStampX, I’m interested in but don’t know how to PM you (new to this community so hi everyone), I’m actually in Queenstown, if you are still looking for someone, contact me and I will answer you back.

Click on their circular avatar (the big round J for jadewright99) and you’ll get options like “Message” for that user.

email me please ill send you my CV im not here to screw spiders ill bring my tent eat riceand set up on the river bank :slight_smile:

Thanks gavin, I really appreciate it!

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the interest in coming to help. I have a pretty good list now of people who want to come so will be in contact with them over the next few months when the weather warms up. If I didn’t get a hold of you its nothing against you. I just need someone who has some experience. I don’t want to be giving lessons on panning. Things may change so if anyone else is still interested just say so and you might hear from me.

Happy Hunting

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