Back in town, weather threw me a button theme

Must’ve been some interesting weather while I was away from WGTN, my return yielded a number of vintage buttons. The four holed button is engraved or cast, maybe brass, I’m trying to find that out from the horse’s mouth at Aberdeen, with ‘Richards & Co Aberdeen.’ Apparently this is Broadworks, the jute and linen factory and smithing, just determining when they made buttons and were called Richards & Co.
The more fragile and damaged looks like a ladies’ hand hammered, maybe, copper? The crockery I spotted as standing out, no idea on that, but it has a completely vertical stroke of a letter after the W, which doesn’t narrow it down much, but thick and glazed well to have survived.
I’m well aware I could do with a photography basics course, I try and apologise.

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gday cook strait,cant see much on photos get up close on macro sounds easy dos’ent it.

At the mercy of early Apple device…under lamp light…

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Pretty sure it says WIN :blush:

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More weather…
What are the odds, another Richards of Aberdeen button, a 1943 three pence and a 1915 British shilling, not to mention some snazzy cars, someone suggested I send them to a car dealer and tell them I bought a car from them but it shrunk, I think I’d find myself viral on Twitter for the wrong reasons, so in the bin they went.



Always nice to find silver.

Re: the snazzy cars, I leave then on picnic tables or on platforms in adjacent playgrounds - always gone the next time I visit…

I also disburse the cars to kids via goodwill, with instructions to give not sell, sadly, these had sediment concreted on, so they went in the bin.

nice finds.hope the silvers clean up well.

Soon anyone can view the two Richards & Co of Aberdeen buttons, in Aberdeen. The process took some time, as I made considerable checking efforts (that came to little, but if I hadn’t I am sure I’d have been deemed in the wrong) and export of buttons is not without drama, but they are being entered into the UK museum system.